Diesel Tuning


An ECU Remap from Wolfsburg Techniks is a simple and effective software update to your vehicle, which is the safest way to achieve greater performance and efficiency from modern diesel vehicles.

Wolfsburg Techniks is the premier European Car Specialist in Perth.

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That means that we are experts when it comes to Diesel Tuning in Perth and Diesel Tuning for Amaroks. For this reason, Wolfsburg Techniks were trusted as the primary CRDTech Tuning workshop in Western Australia.

You can check out the sort of results we’re achieving with your vehicle here.


Better Fuel Economy (up to 15%)

Given that less throttle is required in order to maintain the same cruising speed (increased torque), fuel consumption is greatly reduced.

An ECU Remap with Wolfsburg Techniks will save you up to 15% in fuel consumption.

Increased Torque

Every engine is designed and built for a specific purpose. As a result, its output varies depending upon its application and manufacture. Torque is the measure of rotational effort applied on engine crankshaft by the piston.

More Torque means more efficiency. Simple as that!

It’s important to note that diesel engines perform more torque at low engine revs. Petrol engines perform more torque at higher engine’s revs.

A vehicle with more Torque needs less open throttle to maintain the same speed at the same condition, resulting in:

  • less fuel consumed
  • a more responsive vehicle
  • a safer vehicle


With more Torque and more Power, differences are noticeable from the outset, guaranteed.

An ECU Remap with Wolfsburg Techniks can release up to 35% more torque in your diesel vehicle. You can find out how much additional torque you can expect from a CRDTech Tuning here.

Increased POWER

Although it depends on what vehicle, a CRDTech Tuning with Wolfsburg Techniks is guaranteed to get you more power at the wheels.

It’s reasonable to expect an extra 20% power after coming by the Wolfsburg Techniks workshop, as we tap into the real power of your diesel engine. We’ve had vehicles drive out with over 30% more power before in previous visits.

Here’s a bit of a run down on the results you can expect with your 2016+ VW Amarok (Diesel Tuning Amarok):

You can find out how much additional POWER you can expect from a CRDTech Tuning here.

Better Throttle Response

When you drive out of the Wolfsburg Techniks workshop after Diesel Tuning, you’ll notice a sharper throttle response and widened power-band.

This will make the power delivery for more linear, and your vehicle will feel livelier, and safer.

Now you can worry less about overtaking on those long two-lane highways, or getting through the congested city traffic.